The Black Men Who Blog ™ LLC community is an arena for us to share our stories, opinions, help our people, and have our voices heard. Our goal is to become the go to platform for men of colour around the world and to achieve that purpose; we understand the importance of creating a welcoming, safe, and socially conscious community.

At BMWB, we stress originality. What does this mean for our contributors has been laid out below:

Be yourself. While this should be obvious, we want you not to compromise your uniqueness in your opinions. However, we ask that you ensure your content does not fall into BMWB unacceptable list.

Please be advised that everything you share on BMWB is a representation of who you are and what you stand for. As a result, we ask that you keep this in mind when submitting content to be used on the BMWB website.

The Unacceptable List:


If your content in any way harasses, abuses, or threatens the safety of another person or people, we will remove such content.
BMWB HQ will determine if any further action will be necessary for such an occasion.

If your content is perceived to promote self-harm or perpetuate contents of pornographic nature, it will be rejected promptly.


Please keep in mind that providing inaccurate, defamatory, or libellous information will not be accepted.

Copyright Infringement.

Please make sure that what you share is yours or that you have been given explicit rights to share said content. The Black Men Who Blog ™ LLC is not responsible for making sure your content adheres to all stated and implied copyright and trademark laws.

All content shared by you should be done with the knowledge that you can legally do so. Citing your sources is critical to ensuring that your content is not rejected.

Paid Content.

While we might push to have partners our members could work with, paid contents are prohibited on the BMWB blog.


Let’s face it; no one likes spam.


If you believe that your content might be in violation of any confidentiality agreements, we ask that you do not use the BMWB website to share such contents.

Our Right.

The staff of BMWB will be determining whether a content is unacceptable on a case-by-case basis, after fully analysing the information provided. Please be advised that this list is just a guide and not a hard line as the factors used in such decisions can change.

Your Right.

We will notify you if and when one of these guidelines is violated with an opportunity for you to resolve the issue. However, should such matters continue, further actions may be taken.


At Black Men Who Blog LLC, we do not provide professional advice, diagnosis or treatment of any kind: medical, legal, professional or personal.

Opinions and contents shared on the BMWB Community are those of our community members, do not necessarily reflect the views of Black Men Who Blog ™ LLC.

Thank you,
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